About the website : Ownership

Alba S.A. It is the owner of this website. For complaints , suggestions or comments about it, please send your complaint to info@delalba.com.co .

These conditions of use of the website, along with those that may be established in the future , are intended to inform visitors of the site, on the terms on regulation of use of the website.

Navigation and use of the website services involve user acceptance as such, without reservations of any kind, of all the conditions of use contained herein.

Conditions of use of the website : Confidentiality of personal information

The personal data that users register on the site will remain confidential, unable Del Alba S.A. disclose to third parties or use the information for purposes other than those authorized by the user (participation in activities and sending information of the company’s products). The personal data will remain in secure operating environments not publicly available.

By providing the Alba S.A. your personal data, the user expressly authorizes the said company to send all communications and advertising on their products. The data mentioned by Del Alba also be used S.A. to respond to user requests and for purposes of measurement and statistical data on the website, promotions and product marketing and sales company. The information herein remain on the server Alba Del S.A. with the sole purpose of storage.

Any information you post on the website outside the registration form will not be taken as confidential and therefore not subject to the provisions for this. Ideas, opinions, suggestions and comments are submitted by users to the website, spontaneously and without prior request of Del Alba S.A. may be used by it. This, on the understanding that such communications are not confidential and are not protected by any regulation pertains to issues of intellectual property. Thus, the sender user of such information may not claim compensation or participation in any commercial or extracomercial reason that that company use made of the information in question.

Use Policy

The publication on the website of libelous, threatening or contained information that go against the law prohibited. Alba S.A. It reserves the right to remove the site any material deemed inappropriate, a right exercisable at any time.

The availability of the site and the media does not require Del Alba S.A. to keep them active at all times.

Alba S.A. You shall not be liable if a user register and enter false information to the web page this way, not flaunting any responsibility for the use of the site that the latter make under false assumptions.

Alba S.A. It establishes the following prohibitions, within a policy of proper use of their website: The use of the site, its contents, technical elements and applications for illegal purposes; Rape, destroy, modify or use information from third parties without permission of the owner of the information; Use the name of the Alba S.A. or use of technological platforms supplied by it to distribute commercial messages or unsolicited emails (spam); Use the name of the Alba S.A. or use of technological platforms supplied by it to transmit or disseminate pornography, child pornography, racist material, threats of any kind, verbal abuse that undermines the moral integrity of persons or any other indication that violates the current Colombian law; Files uploaded to the site that could harm the information contained therein, such as, but not limited to, viruses and worms. Nor it is permitted any conduct that generates or may generate, including but not limited to, errors, damage, interruption or suspension of the operation of the page; The attempt to access restricted areas and / or areas impersonation of another user or any third party.

Alba S.A. exercise the appropriate legal action to repair damages it caused.

  • Alba S.A. You can expel any user who violates any of the rules contained in this document.

Cookies: The so-called “cookies” are files or pieces of information that are stored by the browser on the hard drive of the computer. You may use cookies or similar is made to collect additional information about users during their visit to the site, with a view to improving or adjusting same products from Alba S.A. to the interests and needs of the user. The user who so wishes can set your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when a cookie is being sent to your computer (your user’s guide operating system on your PC you should explain how). The rejection of cookies on the website to which access may prevent visiting certain areas of it, or receive personalized information when you visit the site.

Data transfer: Del Alba S.A. You will not use the data collected on its website for purposes other than those expressed or lease data to third parties without the prior consent of the holders of such data.

Intellectual Property

The trademarks, trade names, banners, graphics, drawings, designs and any other figure that constitutes intellectual property and listed on the website, are protected in favor of Del Alba S.A. in accordance with the laws on the subject. Accordingly, the elements referred to herein may not be used, modified, copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way and by any means, without prior authorization, express written Del Alba S.A.  Protected in accordance with the preceding paragraph, contents include text, images, drawings, designs, software, music, sound, photographs and videos, plus any other means or form of dissemination of such content.

By enabling users to input their website, Del Alba S.A. It is not granting any license or authorization of use of any kind on its intellectual property or any other property or right related to your site or the contents of it.


The material and technical components of the website may include mistakes and technical failures present at any time, and therefore visits to make the user will be at your own risk and responsibility. Neither Del Alba S.A. nor third parties involved in the design, management and updating of the site, will be responsible for any damages directly or indirectly users they approach to suffer as a result of access, lack thereof, use or inability to use the page. Alba S.A. does not guarantee that access to the website is permanently available and / or that it or its contents are free of errors. Nor ensures that the website free of viruses or other harmful components.

Consequently, Del Alba S.A. will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered by users and failures arising from performance site in the same errors, omissions, interruptions, delays in operation or transmission, or line failure.

Applicable law

This document and all relationships of any kind arising from it are governed by the law of the Republic of Colombia.


Alba S.A. It reserves the right to modify the conditions contained in this document at any time, which will alert users later in an advertisement on the website itself.