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Pistachio milk benefits

Plant milks are healthy and natural drinks that can be an excellent option when you suffer from lactose intolerance. This intolerance has become a very common disorder in recent years, which prevents the habitual consumption of cow's milk that has not been treated to remove lactose, the sugar in milk.

In the case of pistachio milk, it stands out for being a heart-healthy drink, thanks to the healthy fats that this wonderful dried fruit provides, as it is especially rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats.

It is rich in antioxidants, such as phytosterols and carotenes. In addition, it helps reduce high levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides. On the other hand, due to its richness in plant proteins (especially arginine) it helps to increase defenses.

For more information see: http: //www.natursan.net/como-hacer-leche-de-pistacho-receta/