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The cashew, or also called cashew, is native to Brazil, specifically it is widespread in the forests of the Amazon. After the colonization of the Portuguese, it began to transport to other parts of the world. Currently, we can find it in Central and South America, Africa, India and Vietnam.

This fruit comes from a tree which tolerates a wide variety of rough, rocky or sandy soils. It comes from tropical climates, with constantly high temperatures (above 20 ° C), it does not tolerate cold.

Depending on the climate it requires to grow, the coloration and the shape they have, there are two types of marathons:

  • The common cashew: requires a tropical climate, with generous rains and constantly high temperatures. It has a white color when fresh and a more intense beige or brown when roasted. Its shape is like a kidney, very curved.
  • The red cashew: requires a very high level of humidity and rainfall, does not tolerate the tropical climate and requires much lower temperatures than the common cashew. It is also distinguished by its reddish coloration and a much less curved shape.

Cashew has a mild, roasted flavor, a crisp, smooth and creamy texture when chewed. It is a texture and flavor between macadamia nuts and almonds.

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