Del Alba is a Colombian Company with more than 20 years of experience cultivating, processing and distributing healthy snacks. With a wide variety of portfolio, our products are recognized for being baked, Non GMO, chemicals and preservatives free. We are GMP and HACCP certified.

Our products are delicious, unique and very healthy. They are the perfect everyday snack or the ideal appetizer to share with friends and family.

Featured products

Quinoa covered with Chocolate x 100g

Caramelized Crunchy Quinoa Balls covered with Chocolate.

Caramelized Quinoa x 75g

Caramelized Crunchy Quinoa Balls.

Quinoa Crunch Spicy x 40g

Lightly Spiced Crunchy Quinoa Balls.

Caramelized Soyitas x 30g

Caramelized, Crunchy Soy.

Salted Macadamia Nut x 100g

Salted macadamia delicious fruit that you do not want…

Caramelized Macadamia Nut x 100g

Caramelized macadamia nuts, crispy sweet deck to enjoy…