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Almonds are a dry fruit with a mild and sweet flavor, a perfect healthy snack to eat in the afternoon! Find a wide variety ofIt is almonds in online store: Almonds with cocoa, caramelized almonds, sliced ​​almonds, almond mix and more.

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Almendra con Cocoa x 120g
regular price $12.000
Almond with Cocoa x 120g - 12 Units
regular price $144.000 $129.000
Almendra Mediterranea x 100gr
regular price $15.000
Natural Almond X 200gr
regular price $20.000
Almond slices x 150gr
regular price $18.000
Pay 3 Get 4 - Almond with Cocoa x 120g
regular price $48.000 $36.000