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Comprehensive policies

DEL ALBA SA, as a company that produces, transforms and markets healthy foods, for the national and international market, is committed through its integrated management system to satisfying its interested parties in aspects of quality and safety, safety and health in the work, environment, innovation and focus on continuous improvement, allocating the human, financial, technological and physical resources that are necessary, respecting human rights, maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and based on compliance with the legal requirements under the following guidelines:

  • Incorporate environmental sustainability, through the implementation of prevention and correction plans, programs and activities to mitigate the impacts generated by the organization.

  • Manage food safety based on risk management, controlling hazards, minimizing their probability of occurrence, reducing their impact, monitoring them and ensuring the production of safe food, considering the optimization of processes to guarantee efficiency, delivery and timely service.

  • Provide safe working conditions to all its direct and temporary collaborators, contractors, suppliers and visitors, assigning the human, financial, technological and physical resources that are necessary to manage hazards, occupational risks and associated controls, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. and occupational diseases; promoting the quality of work life through a safe work culture based on prevention and self-care in the company's processes, as well as identifying, preventing, managing and comprehensively addressing emergencies, mitigating the consequences on people, facilities and equipment.

  • Train and sensitize our collaborators, for the correct fulfillment of all established goals and indicators.

  • Maintain leadership as the protagonist of the value chain, complying with excellent standards and strengthening ourselves to face global challenges, consolidating a reliable and profitable organization.

This comprehensive policy will be published in our communication channels, it will be available to all interested parties, and it must also be applied and known by all DEL ALBA SA collaborators.