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Almond and apple toast

Mixing: 15 min.
Waiting: 25 mins.
Total time: 40 min.
Servings: 6

  • Almond toast: ½ cup of almond flour (raw and finely ground almonds)
  • 2 tablespoons of panela sugar (100% whole cane sugar, muscovado or as they say in your country).
  • ½ tbsp of water.
  • Oatmeal Pastry Cream: 4 tablespoons instant oatmeal + ½ cup skimmed milk + ½ cup water + a splash of lemon juice, vanilla and natural sweetener to taste. (I used ½ g of stevia)
  • Apple topping: 1 apple + 1 tablespoon of 100% whole-grain panela or cane sugar
  1. Begin by preparing the "oatmeal pastry cream", to do this, mix all the ingredients of the pastry cream in a pot and cook over low heat until it begins to thicken. It is important not to stop stirring so that the oats do not stick or burn. Once they have a thick texture, remove and let cool completely.
  2. In a processor or blender add all the ingredients to make the "almond toast" until you have a grainy paste. Pour onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper so it doesn't stick; give it a rectangular shape and about 5 mm thick with your hands. Bake for 8 min at 200ºC or until you see that it is golden. Remove from the oven, cut small sheets and let cool completely until the almond base becomes as hard as toast.
  3. Apples: Peel the apples, remove the core, cut them in half and make apple slices about 5 mm thick. Sprinkle with panela sugar or whole grain sugar and bake at 200ºC for 15 min.
  4. On the almond toast, place the almond pastry cream with the help of a sleeve or spoon, which should already be cold and with a compact and creamy texture. Place the apple slices on the toast and the cream. If you like, you can sprinkle them with a little more panela sugar and brown the top for a better presentation (optional).
  5. Once ready, take them on a plate with vegetable papel to the freezer for about 15-20 minutes and serve while they are cold.