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Comprehensive Policy

Policy Comprehensive Management 

DEL ALBA S.A as a food producer, processor and marketer health, for the national and international market, is committed through its system of integrated management to satisfy its interested parties, in aspects of quality and safety, safety and health at work, environment, innovation and focus on improvement continues, respecting human rights, maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and based on the compliance with legal requirements under the following guidelines:  

  • Incorporate environmental sustainability, through the implementation of prevention and correction plans, programs and activities to mitigate the impacts generated
    by the organization.
  • Produce safe products, optimizing process operations to ensure efficiency and timely delivery.
  • Provide safe working conditions to our direct and temporary collaborators, contractors, suppliers and visitors to the work centers, promoting a culture of prevention and self-care, identifying, evaluating and intervening in working conditions that may cause accidents, incidents and/or occupational diseases.
  • Train and sensitize our collaborators, for the correct fulfillment of all the established goals and indicators.
  • Maintain leadership as a protagonist of the value chain, complying with excellent standards and strengthening ourselves to face global challenges, consolidating a reliable and profitable organization.

This comprehensive policy will be published in our communication channels, it will be available to all interested parties, additionally it must be applied and known by all the collaborators of DEL ALBA S.A.