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Lemon Crumble with Natural Almond

Lemon Crumble with Del Alba Natural Almond

A dessert that you will want to eat all day!

What do you need?

- Alba Natural Almond
- Agave honey
- Greek yogurt
- Vanilla drops
- Lemon

Now, let's get to work!

Step by Step:

1. In a processor grind the Alba Natural Almonds until flour remains.

2. Then stir this flour Alba Natural Almond with the agave honey until they are all well mixed. (Use a spatula or spoon)

3. In a container or baking mold add the mixture and flatten.

4. Add the Greek yogurt, the vanilla drops and the amount of lemon you want to the container. (We're almost done!)

5. Finally water based on the almonds, the yogurt and let it cool.

6. And most importantly; enjoy a delicious dessert and healthy!

Recipe by: @esunbalance

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