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Curry with Almond Slices and Raisins Del Alba style. A delicious and healthy dish.

Do you want to try new flavors at home with Del Alba and our delicious Almond slices and Raisins? With this different, delicious, healthy and unique combination of ingredients you will create the perfect dish to please everyone at home and the best thing is that it is a very easy and healthy recipe to make! (Almond slices, Raisins and peanut butter) at our online store.

*Fun fact for this delicious recipe:

Did you know that if you include daily almonds of the dawn in your diet, as a healthy snack or in your recipes, can you help the health of your heart?


And now, let's get to work...


What are you going to need?


  • A handful of chopped spinach
  • 1 diced zucchini
  • A handful of diced mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tomatoes
  • Chicken squares previously boiled.


Step by Step…


  • First of all, we put a frying pan on medium heat with olive oil. While it heats up, we chop the onion and tomato finely.
  • When the oil is hot, add: the onion, the tomato, the tablespoon of ginger, the turmeric and the cinnamon. We brown it all together for about 4 min.
  • Then we add the spinach, zucchini and mushrooms. 
  • Once all the vegetables are incorporated, we add the coconut cream and the curry and the spoonful of our Del Alba Peanut Cream.
  • Once everything is dissolved and mixed, we add the chicken previously cooked in water. Let cook for a few minutes and add the Shelled Almond slices from Del Alba. 
  • We put out the fire and let it rest.
  • Now get ready to serve and decorate with a little Raisins and Almond Markets extra.

*You can accompany this curry with rice and avocado if you want!


We hope you enjoy the taste of this recipe and above all that you enjoy the benefits of our Almond Markets. Rich in healthy fats, vegetable proteins and fiber that will help you both prevent various ailments and boost health and the best thing is that you do it enjoying delicious recipes.


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Don't forget to tell us how this delicious recipe turned out!