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Tips to buy your Nuts 

Nut snacks are ideal for those who are looking for delicious and healthy options to eat during their daily routine or to accompany their recipes. However, a wide variety of alternatives can be found on the market, and one of the main challenges is knowing how to buy nuts of good quality. 

Therefore, in this blog we invite you to discover how to buy your nuts and what to take into account to know if they are really healthy.

  1. Check its ingredients: Pay attention to the labels of the nuts you want to buy and make sure they do not contain foreign ingredients or preservatives, as these are not healthy for you. 
  2. Choose baked and not fried nuts: The ideal is never to buy fried nuts, as they go through high processing temperatures and absorb large amounts of refined oils that weaken their natural healthy fats and bring negative health effects, such as trans fats. To identify that the nuts are not fried, you must look at their ingredients and make sure that they do not contain any type of oil. 
  3. Buy in trusted stores: Look for specialized and recommended nut stores, investigate their reviews and the quality of their products. In of the dawn We have more than 25 years of experience growing, producing and marketing nuts and healthy snacks. In addition, we have Kosher certificates, HACCP AND BMP. We are an alternative completely free of preservatives, chemicals, fried foods and genetic modifications!

Put these tips into practice and choose healthy and good quality products that contribute positively to your health care!

Visit our store From Dawn and discover all the options of nuts, seeds, creams and pastry products that we have for you. 

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