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Refreshing recipes for summer with vegetable drinks Del Alba

Summer is that time of year when we look for spaces that allow us to take care of ourselves, both inside and out, rest or focus on our goals.

That's why at Del Alba we share some refreshing recipes with you. with our vegetable drinks , also quick and easy to accompany your summer.

Take note and prepare them at home!

  1. Fruit smoothie: Mix your favorite vegetable drink, you can use Almonds , Macadamia or Hazelnut , with fresh fruits such as banana, strawberries or mango. You can add a little ice and sweeten with honey.
  1. Green smoothie: Combine your plant milk with spinach, pineapple, cucumber and a little ginger. Blend everything together and enjoy a refreshing and nutritious green smoothie.
  1. Iced latte: Prepare an iced coffee or tea and replace the cow's milk with a vegetable milk with the flavor of your favorite nut, Almond , Macadamia or Hazelnut . You can sweeten with honey or vanilla syrup.
  1. Chocolate shake: Mix a vegetable milk with cocoa powder, banana and a tablespoon of Del Alba peanut butter. Blend everything together and enjoy a delicious chocolate shake.

Discover our vegetable drinks and their most concentrated flavors so you can enjoy these refreshing and healthy options with Del Alba.

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