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5 ways to enjoy Almonds with Del Alba

Almendra salad, mediterranean, with cocoa or natural.

Whether to eat as a snack, use them as a topping or include them in different recipes and preparations, the almonds They are the most consumed dried fruit worldwide, and this is due to their multiple health benefits and delicious flavor that make them a unique and essential food for many.


The almonds They are high in monounsaturated fats (or good fats) which can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, they are rich in vitamin E, a wonderful ally to combat premature aging and wrinkles. 

At Del Alba we know that almonds They cannot be missing as a complement to a healthy diet; therefore, we offer you 5 delicious and healthy ways to enjoy this dried fruit. Know them!

  • Salted almonds: 

our salted almonds Del Alba are the perfect healthy snack for every day! Take them with you and enjoy them at any time and place, they are ideal for sharing. 

  • Mediterranean almond:

There mediterranean almond It has certain characteristics that differentiate it, such as its creamier flavor and its broader appearance. In the Mediterranean culture, almonds are one of the most used foods; therefore, these are versatile and add the perfect touch to any meal. 

  • Almonds with cocoa:

The perfect combination for sweet cravings! our almonds with cocoa They are an excellent option to share special moments with your family or friends.

  • natural almond:

The natural almonds Del Alba are part of our new line of cake shop, so they are ideal to include in your desserts and recipes: they are raw, rich in fiber and protein.

  • Natural almond slices:

Like the previous ones, the almond slices They are special for baking; However, they are designed for those recipes that do not require the whole nut, making them the perfect topping.

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