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100% natural:

With Del Alba we will always find a thousand delicious and natural ways to have a healthy lifestyle. with our Crows of almonds, CashewPeanut, almonds and Macadamia We have found a world of possibilities to enjoy in our recipes, snacks, desserts and breakfasts.

In general, these creams are 100% natural because They have no chemicals, no preservatives, no added fats, and no artificial flavors. All our nut spreads are loaded with benefits and we believe they are the ideal snack: naturally rich in protein, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. Enjoy this world of flavors in its 4 different versions: Crow of almonds, cashew cream, peanut butter and Macadamia cream.

Here are a couple of ideas for you to start including in your day to day: 


  • They also combine deliciously in smoothies and shakes. In addition, it gives it a unique flavor and a creamy texture. Our recommendations: Crow of almonds and peanut butter



  • In their salty version, you can use them in different sauces for vinaigrettes, for different types of curries or to replace the sauces in your sandwiches and definitely one of our favorite ideas: we recommend you if you use them to prepare hummus. Our recommendations: Crow of almondscashew creampeanut butter and Macadamia cream.


    They are definitely an irresistible way to eat naturally delicious. Having a healthy lifestyle with Del Alba is really easy. For this reason, we want to be that perfect ally that gives that rich and healthy balance to your lifestyle. 

    At our Online store you will find a wide variety of products in addition to our creams 100% natural (Crow of almondscashew creampeanut butter and Macadamia cream.) like our perfect pastry products for all the ideas that we tell you about in this blog. 

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