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Benefits of walnuts for women

Walnuts keep important very beneficial qualities, mainly for women. This dried fruit can be included in a large number of recipes, so any girl can easily incorporate it into her diet. Surprisingly, even the leaves of the tree take advantage of this fruit.

Basically nuts contain proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and numerous vitamins. The omega 3 family fats are mainly beneficial to the heart, while its vitamins act as antioxidants. Its properties help improve the quality of skin and hair. In addition, it is recommended for its anticancer capabilities and for the benefits it generates in the treatment of diabetes.

Although it is recommended to eat several nuts per day, the time when women benefit most from walnut consumption is during pregnancy. Likewise, they are ideal to complement diets that are carried out in parallel to exercise routines.

This fruit is quite versatile. It can be eaten regularly, for taste, or as part of any diet. They can be part of breakfast, in a tasty cereal or with yogurt. Likewise, they can be added to salads to generate texture, when cooking red and white meats, preferably baked, or in bread doughs or energy bars.

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