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peanut benefits

Peanut contributes to pregnant women, or those who want to get pregnant, a large amount of folic acid that helps correct pre-pregnancy ovulation and normal development of the baby, preventing malformations and pregnancy problems.

  • Contrary to what is normally believed, despite the large amounts of fat that peanuts contain, as these are favorable for your health, their consumption helps your liver to balance its functioning and your pancreas to process sugar more easily. .
  • Consuming a quarter cup of peanuts a day helps generate high levels of serotonin in the brain, which translates into hormonal balance and makes peanuts a natural ally against depression.
  • Like most nuts, peanuts help calm anxiety when eating and will always be a good friend during diets: just a small portion produces satiety.
  • Due to its oils, peanuts eliminate bad cholesterol and generate more good cholesterol, which helps prevent cerebrovascular diseases.
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