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With Del Alba you are one peanut away from being a better athlete!

There is no doubt that peanuts and nuts in general have many benefits for our health. For this reason, different sources such as the World Health Organization or the Spanish Heart Foundation recommend the daily consumption of peanuts, walnuts and other nuts. And since at Del Alba we have an exquisite variety of Baked Manis, we are going to be your best ally in sports and a healthy lifestyle. 


Therefore, we want you if you are passionate about sports to start including in your days the delicious Baked Peanuts and its different varieties that we have for you in Del Alba.

We leave you some tips that we are sure will help you a lot to improve your training:

  • The first thing to take into account is the amount you should consume of our Baked Peanut -like any dry fruit-. We recommend that you consume between 20-30 gr a day.
  • You can also consume our Baked Peanut to regain strength. That is, you can consume them once you have finished your training to recover. (How delicious a Chocolate Baked Peanut or our unique Lightly Caramelized Baked Peanut.)

In summary, consuming our Baked Peanuts is a completely natural and healthy way to nourish your body with energy, healthy fats and protein so that it can perform at its best when it comes to meeting your sports goals and having a healthy lifestyle. 

What better combination than getting all our products without leaving home and Enjoy the sport taking care of yourself with Del Alba!

Enter our online store, choose your favorite Baked Peanut and we will take your order home!

With Del Alba we want you to live a healthier life full of joy! 

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