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At Del Alba we are committed to the quality of our products. Get to know our Kosher certified nuts!

When we refer to the quality of food, there are several recognitions such as the kosher certified, an international distinction that guarantees that food production does not contain ingredients, materials or practices that impair its quality.

It should be noted that the word Kosher means fit O appropriate in Hebrew, and foods that achieve this certificate are recognized as being prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary standards.  

To grant a Kosher certificate, strict standards of cleanliness, purity and quality are taken into account, such as the ingredients used, its production process, its storage and all the links in its production chain. 

So what foods are certified Kosher? Those that guarantee a high quality derived from the use of all its ingredients, which must also be Kosher. 

Additionally, a product or food considered Kosher gives you the confidence of knowing that you have a good product in your hands, made with very good ingredients. To identify them, you must look for the corresponding seal on the label. 


At Del Alba we have Kosher certified dried fruit snacks, get to know them! 

At Del Alba we have the mission of offering our consumers healthy and wholesome products. Our dried fruit snacks are designed for you and your well-being; For this reason, we have a variety of categories so that you can enjoy the pleasure of eating nuts of the highest quality. 

Much of our portfolio is Kosher Certified by OU Kosher, (Orthodox Union) Kosher. This is the largest and most internationally recognized entity.

Some of our OU Kosher certified products are: Macadamia Salads, Plain Diced Macadamiassalted almondsnatural almonds, Salted Pistachios, Salted CashewsPeanuts with Blueberries, peanuts with raisins, Nut mix, among others. 

As a brand with certified Kosher products, at Del Alba we understand and are increasingly convinced that our products help you improve your healthy lifestyle in a delicious way, since you can enjoy them at any time of the day. 

That's why, we invite you to include in your day to day our Kosher certified nut snacks! They are an excellent option to complement your diet, in addition to giving you the certainty of being 100% healthy and delicious products. 

See our entire portfolio in our online store. Remember that you can place your order and your products will arrive at your door!


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