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What you didn't know about macadamia: 3 curiosities about this dry fruit

Macadamia is known as a gourmet nut that we can find in different preparations and consume as a healthy and delicious snack; In addition, it has the characteristic of being pleasant and soft when eating. 

Discover in this blog 3 facts about the macadamia that maybe you didn't know:

1. It is grown in Colombia: Macadamia is grown in our country! Macadamia crops in Del Alba are 100% Colombian. These are located in the coffee zone, a place where the richness of the soil abounds and whose climatic conditions favor the macadamia harvest. 

In addition, our biological pest control practices and non-use of pesticides allow the macadamia of our crops is of excellent quality. 

2. Health benefits: Did you know that, according to the FDA, consuming about 40 grams of macadamia nuts a day can benefit your heart health? This is because macadamia is rich in omega 7, a type of monounsaturated (or healthy) fat that helps reduce “bad cholesterol”, preventing coronary diseases. 

Find the FDA statement at: heart disease

3. Its tree is native to Australia: We owe this nutty delight to a tree member of the family Proteaceae, Australian native. In fact, Australian aboriginal tribes considered macadamia nuts as a delicacy, which is why they used it for trade and as special gifts at ceremonies.

On the other hand, the shell of the macadamia it is quite hard compared to other nuts, keeping the fruit inside protected. 

Are you curious about the delicious taste of macadamia and enjoy its benefits for your health? Visit our Del Alba online store and find out all the presentations we have for you! Our macadamia has a Kosher certificate: macadamia salad, diced macadamia nuts, candied macadamia, Macadamia con chocolate and Caramelized macadamia with sesame seeds

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