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The macadamia

The nut of macadamia It is a seed from a perennial tree (Macadamia Integrifolia), belonging to the Proteaceae family, native to the eastern part of Australia. It can reach up to 20m in height, although it generally does not exceed 12m. The tree has a bushy, dense and rounded crown, is attractive and is used as an ornamental tree.

It is a slow-growing tree that requires between 5 and 7 years to start producing fruit, and reaches maximum productivity at 15 years.

Its fruit is a spherical, creamy white edible nut, found inside a hard, smooth, brown pericarp, which in turn is inside a soft, green shell, dehiscent at maturity.

It is considered a select fruit that is found in gourmet dishes or often as a healthy snack. Its flavor is reminiscent of coconut and toasted walnut. It has a very pleasant, soft and not floury texture.

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