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Discover why Del Alba Almonds are the ideal nut to take care of your diet and prevent diseases. We have the real secret to take care of your health!


Almendra Salada

Almonds are one of the nuts with the most benefits and positive properties for the human body, in addition to its mild sweet flavor, it provides a significant amount of healthy components to our body. Among its benefits, it stands out that these help strengthen the bone structure, hair, skin and are also good for the heart, thanks to this, the Spanish Heart Federation recommends its daily intake.

The research that has been done on this nut indicates that those people who include almonds in their diet (at least five times a week) are less likely or at risk of suffering from a heart attack. According to the internal medicine specialist, the ideal amount to maintain cardiovascular health is a handful of 23 almonds a day since this reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and the risk of clogged arteries, that is, it achieves a reduction in blood pressure, not to mention that almonds produce a feeling of satiety if included in the diet as a snack, calming hunger, indicates a representative of the Almond Board of California.

For these benefits to be visible in our health, we must raise awareness of maintaining a healthy life and a balanced diet in our routine. The small changes in lifestyle that can impact on an improvement in health begin with constant exercise, control of a balanced diet, the good habit of consuming healthy snacks, avoiding harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes, among others. .

According to the specialist Luis Septién, almonds offer great advantages for health in addition to their nutritional value because they provide magnesium, calcium, good fats, protein and fiber, without cholesterol or gluten. It is ideal in half nines, salads, desserts and any type healthy preparation Are you ready to enjoy the multiple benefits of Del Alba Almonds in your day to day?

Almendra Natural

Now that you know the secret to taking care of your health based on the benefits of Almonds, we invite you to discover their incredible flavor in any of our presentations: Salted Almonds Del Alba, Cocoa Almonds Del Alba, Natural Almond Del Alba, Lonjas de Almendra Del Alba and Caramelized Almonds Del Alba We take your order home!

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