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Would you like to know how to combat stress? Learn about the power of Del Alba Salted Pistachios within a balanced diet and an active routine.  

Pistacho Salado

Pistachio is a nut valued for its flavor and incredible properties. Including this snack in your daily diet can help reduce blood pressure and diseases caused by stress, according to research from the Pennsylvania State University. To maintain a healthy blood pressure, experts recommend the consumption of 49 pistachios per day, a portion that represents 8% of potassium and magnesium that should be ingested daily, since on the one hand, potassium fulfills the function of regulating basic body systems such as the nervous and the muscular. Because of this, eating foods rich in potassium along with water helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Magnesium, for its part, is a mineral that is attributed to the release of energy in the body and neuromuscular transmission processes. This allows the balance of electrolytes in the body and the stimulation of nerve impulses in the brain. 

The pistachio is also known for its great contribution to rest at night, since melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, is altered when there is a lack of magnesium, so regular consumption of Del Alba salty pistachios within a diet balanced, it can help prevent diseases such as insomnia or anxiety in a totally natural way. In the same way, it allows the reduction of fatigue and body exhaustion, thus facilitating a physical and mental recovery through its daily intake.


Now that you know the incredible benefits that daily consumption of Salted Pistachios Del Alba brings for mental and physical health, we invite you to take care of your diet with the power of this delicious dried fruit. Order your Del Alba Salted Pistachios now in our online store. We will deliver the order to your home!

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