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Sleeping problems? Find out here the many benefits of Pistachio Salado Del Alba at bedtime.

Pistacho Salado

The regular consumption of salted pistachios in a diet, especially at dinner, generates a great contribution of melatonin, an essential component for rest at bedtime. In the same way, it can produce other positive effects on health.


The body produces the hormone melatonin when night falls, this in order to initiate the processes that lead the human being to sleep. As sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body, melatonin levels must always be adequate.


The salty pistachio is an easy-to-consume dry fruit with a great contribution of melatonin. A 30-gram serving without the shell contains 6 mg of melatonin, a considerable amount that many commercial supplements provide. This hormone is generated thanks to the pineal gland and its main function is the regulation of sleep and wakefulness. In addition to improving night rest, melatonin is involved in the control of the immune system, blood pressure, and the regulation of activity and stress hormones.


Multiple research has proven that pistachio can help combat insomnia. A study of 50 individuals with sleep problems showed that consuming melatonin two hours before bedtime allowed them to fall asleep and improved its quality. 


A study conducted by the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences at Louisiana State University (United States) determined that raw pistachios contain 660 ng/grams of melatonin. These values ​​are well above those found in other nuts or foods, such as walnuts, vegetables, cereals or legumes.


Now the question is, what is the ideal amount of pistachios to start enjoying the many benefits of this nut? The answer is a daily serving of 20 salted pistachios, an amount that would provide us with the same amount of potassium as a banana, for example.


Now that you know the incredible benefits that daily consumption of Salted Pistachios Del Alba brings for a good night's rest, we invite you to take care of your diet with the power of this delicious nut. Order your Del Alba Salted Pistachios now in our online store. We take the order to your home!

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