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Have you ever wondered what happens if you mix Del Alba Pistachios and Del Alba Natural Almonds? Although these foods are frequently consumed to calm hunger, it is interesting what can happen when mixing them. Know now the perfect combination to lose weight from the consumption of nuts.

Pistacho y Almendra

Pistachios are one of the few nuts that provide most of the nutrients and fundamental components to keep our health in balance, because they help us keep our cardiovascular system healthy, protect us against diabetes and hypertension. In the same way, they allow for good digestion and have high levels of protein compared to other nuts, since they contain the highest number of healthy fatty acids (monounsaturated) such as oleic and antioxidants.


On the other hand, almonds provide high levels of minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, protein, fiber and plenty of healthy fats as well. And if they are eaten on an empty stomach, they provide a considerable increase in energy, regulating bad cholesterol levels and allowing the better functioning of the circulatory system.


The combination of Del Alba Pistachios with Del Alba Almonds helps accelerate the weight loss process, since their healthy fats provide a feeling of satiety for a long time. The key is to adapt the portions to each person's energy expenditure, and make them part of the main snacks of the day. 

This mixture reduces the fat that accumulates in the waist and hips, fat that is directly related to the risk of heart disease. "We can affirm that pistachios, almonds and other nuts not only help to lose weight, but also 

they also do not negatively affect cardiometabolic markers related to excess localized fat," they write. "These nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable protein, vitamins, and minerals. Health professionals recommend including them in diets whose purpose is weight loss.


Now that you know the secret to taking care of your figure and having the ideal weight from the benefits of Del Alba Almonds and Del Alba Pistachios, we invite you to discover their incredible flavor in any of our presentations: Del Alba Salted Almonds, Cocoa Almonds Del Alba, Natural Almond Del Alba, Almond Slices Del Alba, Caramelized Almonds Del Alba, Salted Pistachios Del Alba We take your order home!

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