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Sodium, potassium, protein, fiber and saturated fat are some of the components that make Pistachio one of the most consumed nuts in the world. In research studies and clinical trials, it was found that people who eat pistachios have the following:

  • A significant decrease in waist circumference

  • A decrease in body mass index

  • A decrease in the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines during digestion

  • Reduction in the amount of cholesterol produced by the body.

Additionally, the researchers found that a one-ounce serving of pistachios (about 49 nuts) provides 10 percent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein and 11 percent of the RDA for fiber for adults. 

How to consume pistachios?

There are many ways to consume pistachios, but the simplest is as a snack. Because they don't need to be refrigerated, it's the perfect take-out snack. Here in our online store, you find the ideal personal pack x 30gr to take everywhere. For breakfast, we recommend adding chopped pistachios to your yogurt or oatmeal. Use them as a crunchy topping for your salads and you can also add pistachios to a cheese board or cold cuts for gatherings. 

Pair pistachios with your favorite fruit for an afternoon snack. Fiber, fat, and protein will keep you satisfied!

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