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PREPARE 3 SNACKS FOR THE LUNCH BOX WITH Macadamia Cream, Almond or Peanut

Learn about 3 delicious and healthy snacks that you can prepare with Del Alba Macadamia Cream, Del Alba Peanut Butter and Del Alba Almond Cream, perfect snacks to provide energy and nutrition during the long school days of our little ones.

Healthy Lunch Box

Did you know that poor nutrition can affect children's academic performance? This is because the intake of products with “empty” calories has contributions in sugar and cholesterol but not in minerals or vitamins, fundamental compounds in the learning process and attention span of students.

Back to school, it is essential to provide a diet that includes all food groups in balanced quantities, one that includes natural foods that provide nutrients and healthy fats to children.

Today at Del Alba, we tell you which are the 3 best snacks for your little one's back to school.

1. Sandwich with Del Alba Peanut Butter and jam: This is one of the favorite snacks for children. It is delicious and healthy! It has an important nutritional contribution thanks to the fact that peanuts are rich in fiber and healthy fats, compounds that are good for the heart.

Sandwich with Del Alba Peanut Butter and jam
2.Apple with Alba Walnut Cream and Alba Wild Seeds : If you are looking for a food rich in protein and 100% natural, this is your ideal option. The apple is one of the most nutritious and healthy fruits that are known for its high fiber, potassium and vitamin content, and in the company of Del Alba peanut butter and Del Alba Wild Seeds, a good contribution of fats is achieved. healthy for the heart. This is a perfect snack for vegan or vegetarian diets!
Apple with Alba Walnut Cream and Alba Wild Seeds

3.Toast with Alba Almond Cream and banana: There are snacks that never fail. And this one! Because in addition to being quick and easy, it is deliciously healthy. Since the consumption of the ingredients together provides contributions of potassium, Vitamin E, healthy fats and fiber. We recommend making the preparation with whole grain bread or toast to have a more complete and nutritious snack.

Toasts with Alba Almond Cream and banana

It is time to implement healthy eating habits at the earliest ages of our children. The consumption of foods high in sugar and cholesterol only leads to the anticipation of cardiovascular diseases and overweight problems, among other complications. Del Alba invites you to implement a healthy and balanced diet in your family's daily routine. Buy Del Alba Almond Cream, Del Alba Peanut Butter and Del Alba Walnut Cream now in our online nuts store.

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